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    Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill in India

    Author: admin       Date: 2012-11-07 11:51

    Calcium carbonate Grinding Process
    In the pulverization process, the raw limestone, kaolin, calcite, chalk etc. calcium carbonate is fed to the calcium carbonate grinding mill by the belt conveyor. The mass feed flow is controllable as the belt's speed can be alternated. The calcium carbonate falls onto a rotating table inside the mill. Rollers crush the calcium carbonate into powder and the fine particles are picked up by primary air, which enters the mill from the bottom. The primary air is heated, so that it can dry the calcium carbonate, which initially contains a few percent of moisture. Calcium carbonate particles are transported with the air upwards toward the outlet pipes. Heavy particles, whose size is too large, drop and fall back onto the table for regrinding.
    Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill Types
    With calcium carbonate mining technology development, there are many types of calcium carbonate grinding mills for choice. CLIRIK is a professional supplier of calcium carbonate grinding mill and calcium carbonate powder machine. We provide various types of calcium carbonate grinding mills such as ultrafine grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill, European coarse powder grinding mill, vertical roller mill, high pressure grinding mill, etc. Here are two popular calcium carbonate powder grinding machines.
    Ultrafine grinding mill
    • • Highest purchase and installation cost
    • • Lowest efficiency
    • • Limited drying capacity
    • • Need for a separate classifier and extensive materials handling systems
    • • High in-leakage make these mills difficult to maintain an inert environment
    • • Best for grinding very hard materials
    Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill Supplier
    As a world leading calcium carbonate grinding mill supplier and manufacturer, CLIRIK provides complete sets of calcium carbonate powder machine for sale in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Brazil, India, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Ghana, Egypt, Nubia, Peru, Philippines, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Guinea etc. Our calcium carbonate production line has the benefits of low investment and operation cost, high drying ability, easy maintenance etc. Whether you want to install a whole customized production line, or only a single piece of equipment, CLIRIK experts will make sure to design a best solution according to your requirements.
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