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    Uses of calcium carbonate micro powder

    Author: admin       Date: 2012-11-09 15:35

    Calcium carbonate is found naturally as minerals and rocks, some of which include calcite, limestone, chalk, marble and aragonite. Minerals and rocks impart calcium carbonate in natural water sources, resulting in hard water. In fact, calcium carbonate is the main cause of water hardness. It is also a major constituent compound of the shells and skeletons of animals.
    Calcium carbonate is used in many aspects of life, either in naturally occurring state or pure form. Pure calcium carbonate is extracted from natural sources by means of various techniques like mining and quarrying. The constituting elements and chemical properties of calcium carbonate make it a favorable substance for use in therapeutic purposes and many other industries. Let's discuss in brief about the uses of calcium carbonate.
    An important use of calcium carbonate is in the building industry. Due to its wide abundance and properties, it has been used as a building substance since ancient times. Today, calcium carbonate is used in construction of buildings, roads and other engineering works.
    Besides construction, calcium carbonate is also used in other industries like paint, plastic, rubber, ceramic, cement, glass, steel, oil refining, iron ore purification, and so on. Calcium carbonate is the most preferred mineral in the paper industry, used for filling and coating paper. It helps in production of the best quality printing papers.
    About 200 tons of chalk is used every year. But do you know how to process calcium carbonate.
    CLIRIK grinding mill engineer can help you solve the question.
    CLIRIK is professional in manufacture calcium carbonate grinding mills. Calcium carbonate grinding mill can process calcium carbonate to 300 meshes~ 3000 meshes, and yield can be 12t/h.
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