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    Superfine Activated Carbon Powder Processing

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-03-21 13:55
    Activated Carbon Properties

    Activated carbon is a porous solid carbon black. Early made from wood, hard shells or animal bones by carbonization and activation, later by switching from coal crushing, forming or with uniform grain through carbonization and activation of coal production. The main component is carbon, and containing a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine and other elements. The common active carbon specific surface area of between 500 ~ 1700 m2 / g, which has a strong adsorption performance as an industrial adsorbent.

    Activated Carbon Processing Flow

    Grinding increases the external surface area of activated carbon. Commonly used activated carbon grinding mill grinds to 120 mesh -200 mesh, stereotypes grinding equipment is continuous feed and discharge, generally based on the particle size to adjust the feed rate products. In order to avoid increasing the iron content of activated carbon in the milling process, the general China grinding mill lining layer of hard wood, and the use of pebbles or balls crushed. Some factories were also used Raymond mill to grinding.

    Activated carbon was dried to a moisture content reduced to 10% or less, by wet-end addition of carbon into the mouth of the cylinder body, the cylinder's rotation due to tilt and move forward the material to the discharge port continuously discharged. Rotary drying furnace at 120-130 ° C melt temperature requirements. When operating, according to the temperature control plus quantity, prevent dry charcoal appear Mars.

    Activated Carbon Grinding Mill
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