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    Clirik Carbon Black Powder Making Machine

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-03-07 16:16
    carbon black Raymond mill
    1. YGM Series carbon black Raymond mill

    Clirik YGM series carbon black Raymond mill is a technological revolution based on the traditional grinding mill. It has high productivity, low energy consumption, stable operation, low noise, energy saving, stable operation and reliable performance. It is excellent equipment for improving productivity and expanding production capacity.

    carbon black ultra fine mill

    2. HGM Series carbon black ultra fine powder mill

    Grinding fine carbon black powder, superfine grinder is a good choice. Shanghai Clirik HGM series carbon black ultra fine powder mill has comprehensive mechanical crushing properties such as roll, grinding and impact. It can produce 300-2500 mesh of powder with large capacity, low energy consumption, environmental protection and consumption reduction. It is the mainstream equipment for fine powder processing.

    carbon black vertical roller mill
    3. CLUM Series carbon black vertical roller mill

    Vertical roller mill meets the production requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, and is applied in the field of large-scale production. Clirik CLUM series carbon black vertical roller mill has scientific and reasonable design structure, scientific working principle, advanced processing technology, reliable operation and stable system operation. It is a good choice for large-scale production of carbon black.

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