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    Clirik manufacturer's 1250 mesh micro grinding mill is favored by the market

    Author: admin       Date: 2020-07-23 16:31
    What equipment is used for fine mineral powder? The mill manufacturer Clirik is a manufacturer that provides 1250 mesh micro grinding mill equipment. The micro grinding mill can not only grind 1250 mesh, but also the fineness can be adjusted between 325-2500 mesh. The fineness is controllable and adjustable. The fineness of the finished product is uniform and the particle shape is excellent. Clirik provides tailor-made services for our customers, formulates exclusive selection and configuration plans, and creates greater value.

    HGM micro grinding mill for grinding fine powder

    Many customers and friends of fine mineral powder call to inquire about the details of our ultra-fine mill equipment. Customers and friends in need can visit the factory at any time and learn more exciting product information. The mill manufacturer Clirik has always been an experienced professional equipment manufacturer. In order to meet the production needs of the ore powder market, Clirik has developed many new environmentally friendly grinding equipment, including Raymond mills, vertical mills, and ultra-fine mills. Powder mills, ultra-fine vertical mills, etc., these equipment are ideal ore powder processing projects, used in many markets such as metallurgy and chemical industry, non-metallic mines, solid waste slag, recycling, and deep mineral processing.

    Clirik mine mill equipment-HGM micro grinding mill

    *Weight*: 17.5-70t
    *Production capacity*: 1-22t/h
    *Finished product size*: 5-45μm
    *Application areas*: Widely used in production and life fields such as papermaking, coatings, plastics, rubber, inks, pigments, building materials, medicine, and food.
    *Practical materials*: It has high-yield and efficient grinding capacity for various non-metallic mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity within 6%, such as talc, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, potash feldspar, and bentonite , Kaolin, graphite, carbon and other non-minerals have good grinding effect.

    Manufacturer details

    Clirik is a trustworthy and cooperative partner. Reliability, quality, service, and after-sales have always been the pillars of Clirik's hard work. After years of intensive cultivation, Clirik's mill products are rich and colorful, with more and more models, and provide a lot of ore mill equipment dedicated to the field of mineral powder. At present, Clirik mills are used in infrastructure construction, mineral deep processing, and solid waste recycling. , Energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, metallurgical building materials, electric power, cement plants and many other markets are widely used, is an ideal processing and manufacturing equipment.
    Clirik provides a complete set of selection and configuration plans, with complete pre-sales, sales and after-sales services, and provides a complete set of product services such as experimental research, process plan design, equipment manufacturing and supply, organization of construction, after-sales service, spare parts supply, skills training, etc. , Not only has rich experience, superb craftsmanship, good equipment quality, but also has the development concept of keeping pace with the times, and is a reliable equipment manufacturer.
    Clirik provides high-quality Raymond mills, ultra-fine mills, ultra-fine vertical mills and other equipment to help create value in the ore market. Welcome to learn about the equipment features, selection schemes and product quotations of the new environmentally friendly 1250 mesh ultra-fine mill at any time.

    If you want to know the micro grinding mill price or have any questions about micro grinding mill, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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