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    Energy-saving Effect of Limestone Grinding Mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2016-07-07 14:28
    With the improvement of the level of the Life, there is growing emphasis on "energy-saving and environmental protection." It is impossible to achieve no pollution in industrial aspect, we can only reduce pollution. Sulfur dioxide is one of the most important pollution in industrial aspect, using Limestone Grinding Mill of Shanghai Clirik in desulfurization technology can reduce emission of sulfur dioxide effectively. 90 percent of this process in Japan, Germany, US power plant use Limestone Grinding Mill.

    Its working principle is: add limestone powder with water, we get slurry. And it’s pumped into the absorber as an absorbent and has full contact with the flue gas. When sulfur dioxide of flue gas meets limestone slurry, calcium sulfate is produced. After calcium sulfate is saturated, gypsum crystals form. Thus, it completes the desulfurization process.

    As China's economy continues to develop, "energy saving, green carbon" has become a new and popular development model. New industrial also has features of high technology, extensive amount of information, good economic returns, and low energy consumption. Limestone Ultrafine Grinding Mill of Shanghai Clirik is perfect performance of this scientific connotation.
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