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    How to use micro grinding mill in non-metallic mining?

    Author: admin       Date: 2020-07-16 13:43
    After nearly ten years of research and development, the non-metallic mineral industry has achieved tremendous development, and its utilization value will exceed that of metal mines. With the continuous improvement of non-metallic mineral processing technology, it has basically been able to meet its own industry and related fields. The quality requirements for raw materials have further narrowed the gap with industrialized countries. The use of non-metallic ore mainly depends on the degree of deep processing, including crushing, classification, fine purification and surface modification, etc., where effective grinding is the prerequisite and guarantee for various deep processing. Therefore, the micro grinding mill has been widely used in the grinding of non-metallic ore, and the development of its technology determines the reasonable development and comprehensive utilization of non-metallic ore products to a certain extent.
    micro grinding mill
    The development cash of non-metallic minerals has become an important standard to measure a country's industrial level, among which metal ore, fuel ore and non-metallic ore are the three pillar material industries in my country. According to statistics, there are now many industrially developed countries whose non-metallic ore output value has surpassed that of metal ores, and they are gradually playing an increasingly important role in the entire national economy. The development and utilization of non-metallic mineral products in my country has a history of 50 years. So far, more than 100 non-metallic minerals with economic value have been discovered, with more than 5,000 origins. As an important industrial resource, non-metallic mineral products account for 70% of the total mineral extraction. Most of the non-metallic ores are directly used in agricultural, chemical, paper, plastic, rubber and paint products after crushing and classification.
    As early as the 1980s, there were few manufacturers of micro grinding mills in China, and the required products were mainly processed by imported equipment or directly imported. Today, there are dozens of manufacturers of micro grinding mills. Clirik It is one of the manufacturers of micro grinding mill equipment industry.
    Clirik has introduced advanced technologies and processes from the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia and other countries, and combined with the company's many years of advanced ultra-fine mill design and manufacturing concepts and market needs, it has established advanced production lines and modern inspection bases, and An ultrafine mill research center was established, dedicated to the technological improvement and continuous innovation of ultrafine mills. After years of intensive design and improvement, the large-scale grinding equipment can process all kinds of non-metallic mineral powder materials according to demand. Most of the various crushing and fine classification equipment can be produced. The equipment performance and supporting process technology are gradually approaching or reaching advanced levels, and they have new unique features in terms of their structural performance. The preparation technology of mineral raw materials has been able to provide functional non-metallic materials for industries such as automobiles, paper, rubber, plastics, machinery, ceramics, microelectronics, special coatings, aerospace, and composite materials.
    micro grinding mill
    Non-metallic mines can provide "batch" for the manufacturing industry, improve the defects of industrial production, and provide suitable auxiliary products for the industry. These major non-metallic minerals are also widely used in all aspects of the industrial domain. Some are also important strategic materials. For example, fluorite is known as a real gem. It turns out that people only use it for decorations. Later, it was found that it has a very wide range of uses. Fluorite contains the halogen element fluorine, which is the main raw material for preparing fluorine-containing compounds. It is also widely used in steelmaking, non-ferrous metal smelting, aerospace, and manufacturing special plastics due to its low melting point. Cement, glass, ceramics and other industries. Colorless and transparent bulk fluorite crystals can also be used as optical fluorite and process fluorite. China's fluorite reserves account for 2/3 of the world's reserves, and it has become a strategic resource that attracts worldwide attention. Many other non-metallic minerals in China have advantages. All are important strategic resources.

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