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    2019 Newest Quotation of Clirik Stone Grinding Mills

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-01-24 10:48
    Shanghai Clirik grinding mills are priced according to the models, the price of different types of grinding mills are not the same, we analyze the type of mill, industrial grinding mills is divided into Raymond mill, high pressure grinding mill, vertical roller mill, European coarse powder grinding mill, superfine powder grinding mill, coarse hammer mill, ball mill, etc. Different types of grinding mills have different differences in material selection, performance, manufacturing process, etc., so the market price is different.

    Grinding Mills Showroom                                                                           

    Raymond Mill                            
    Raymond mill

    Vertical Roller Mill                            
    vertical roller mill

    Superfine Powder Grinding Mill                            
    superfine powder grinding mill

    Coarse Hammer Mill                            
    coarse hammer mill

    Ball Mill                            
    ball mill

    The price difference between different models of the same type of mill is relatively easy to understand. The larger the model, the harder the manufacturing process is. The more materials are used, the more natural the price is. The production of Raymond mill is an example. The large Raymond mill is smaller than the small mine. The production efficiency of the Mongolian machine is several dozen times higher. It can be tens of thousands of yuan in the sale price, and the large-scale milling equipment should be as high as one million yuan. The models are different and the prices are different. More accurate quotes welcome to leave a message.

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