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    What grinding mill equipment is needed for gypsum processing?

    Author: admin       Date: 2020-05-08 10:01
    It is often seen that many manufacturers mention gypsum when introducing milling equipment. Many customers do not know what gypsum is? What is it useful for? After reading the introduction of this article, you will have a deeper understanding of gypsum. Maybe you have a lot of gypsum in your area.
    What equipment is needed for gypsum processing?
    It is important to choose what kind of processing equipment to invest in a gypsum processing plant, and a reasonable combination of production lines is more conducive to creating high profits. Because the Mohs hardness of gypsum is 1 ~ 2, it is a soft non-metallic ore. At present, the main components of gypsum processing equipment include jaw crusher and Gypsum stone grinding mill. Bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, powder separator, dust collector, blower, power distribution cabinet, etc.
    Gypsum stone grinding mill
    Jaw crusher: mainly used for coarse gypsum crushing, aiming at crushing large pieces of raw materials into smaller particle size, so as to enter the gypsum ultrafine mill for grinding.
    Gypsum ultrafine grinding machine: It mainly grinds gypsum, and the output can be adjusted between 300-3000 mesh, with high screening rate and fine finished product.
    In addition to the above processing equipment, according to the different requirements of customers, the gypsum processing production line can also be equipped with equipment such as impact breaker, Raymond mill, high-pressure mill, ultra-fine mill, micro-pulverizer, etc. Design suitable solutions for customers in terms of input, output, output, production conditions, investment budget, etc. Welcome to "online consultation"!
    Gypsum stone grinding mill
    How much does it cost to invest in gypsum processing plant equipment?
    How much does it cost to invest in a gypsum processing plant equipment? The price is not fixed, because some customers may want to invest 5 or 6 tons per hour, while some customers may want to invest 20 to 30 tons per hour. Different needs, manufacturers design different production schemes for customers, and equipped equipment Different models have different quotes.
    According to the product manager of Clirik, a small-scale production line for Gypsum stone grinding mill is available for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, which may only be equivalent to the cost of buying a car, but compared to the consumption of assets, gypsum mill The powder production line can earn you several cars a year.
    Clirik is a direct sales manufacturer specializing in the production of milling equipment. Our quotations to customers are factory direct sales prices, and the purchase price is more affordable. At the same time, after you purchase the machine, we will also send technical personnel to the site to be responsible for equipment installation, commissioning, Train operating personnel, etc. to speed up the progress of customer plant construction and ensure that the customer mill is put into operation as soon as possible. Customers are welcome to come to our factory for inspection and purchase!
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