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    Which machines are included in the complete equipment of quicklime grinding mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2020-04-09 08:40
    The complete set of equipment for quicklime grinding mill is composed of crusher, material hoist, storage tank, quantitative feeder, belt conveyor, main mill machine, fan, motor (reducer), pulse dust collector and packaging machine.
    The core component of the quicklime mill production line is the mill mainframe. Clirik has developed two major types of mill mainframe configuration methods based on long-term accumulated customer needs. One is the main unit of Raymond mill, the second is the main unit of vertical mill.
    The HGM vertical mill for quicklime mill production line is produced according to the limestone standard for power plant desulfurization. The HGM vertical mill can grind desulfurized limestone, the fineness of the powder is 80 mesh to 400 mesh, the feed particle size is ≤50mm, the output is 5-700t / h. High quality.
    According to market demand, Clirik recommends the use of high-yield 200-mesh, 250-mesh and 325-mesh common lime grinding mechanism powder lines.
    quicklime vertical mill
    Clirik quicklime grinding mechanism powder equipment-HGM quicklime vertical mill
    * Middle diameter of grinding disc *: 800-5600mm
    * Feed size *: 50mm
    * Production capacity *: 5-700t / h
    * Grain size *: 22-180μm
    * Motor power *: 450-6700kw
    The desulfurized quicklime grinding mill equipment produced by Clirik, a mill manufacturer, has strong adaptability to materials, uniform quality particles, narrow particle size distribution, and good fluidity. The entire system operates under negative pressure without dust spillage. The environmental protection mill equipment favored by customers, please call Clirik mill complete equipment line: 008613917147829 for details.
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