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    Dolomite Grinding Mill Plant In Turkey

    Author: admin       Date: 2016-07-05 09:21

    Construction Site:
    Product: 100 Mesh Dolomite Grinding Mill Plant
    Raw Material: Dolomite
    Client: Turkey
    Date: July 2014
    Construction Site: Turkey

    Project profile

    Raw Material: Dolomite stone
    Feeding Size: 50-150mm
    Output Size: 100 mesh ( d90% ), 325 mesh ( 10% )
    Capacity: 8tph
    Application: Ceramics industry 
    Dolomite Moh’s hardness is 3~4, not very hard. Usually dolomite powder makers would roast the raw material firstly and then they use some technology divided the roasted products into two parts. For the hardness won’t change greatly, and taking customer’s requirements into consideration, we drafted the design and suggested using our MTM1600 grinder.

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