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    How much is a set of calcium hydroxide production equipment?

    Author: admin       Date: 2020-03-27 10:41
    Where can I sell professional calcium hydroxide production equipment? Clirik has rich experience in manufacturing mill equipment, and also has experience in making calcium hydroxide production lines. According to customer needs, providing a complete set of calcium hydroxide production line equipment to help projects create value. So, how much is a set of calcium hydroxide production equipment? Take a look at the professional introduction.
    Learn about Clirik calcium hydroxide equipment
    Clirik calcium hydroxide production line mainly includes calcium hydroxide digestion system, CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill and fine powder separator. Among them, the digestive system is an intelligent water distribution system, which uses a pulse bag type dust collector and a water dust removal dual dust removal system to achieve efficient dust removal. Fast hot water ashing can speed up digestion and milling rate. The slag mill is a large-scale milling equipment that can achieve the purposes of reuse, increase efficiency and reduce costs. The fine powder sorting machine has high powder sorting purity and significant energy saving effects, which can greatly increase the output of the mill system.
    ultra fine vertical roller mill
    How much is a set of calcium hydroxide production equipment?
    So, how much does the equipment cost? The price of the entire calcium hydroxide production line needs to be clear about what equipment selection is matched, different project requirements, and different matching production line plans, so the price of the entire calcium hydroxide production line will also vary. Therefore, if there are new and old customers of the calcium hydroxide grinding project, please welcome to provide detailed processing requirements in time and obtain product design solutions and equipment quotation details.
    Production of calcium hydroxide, high-efficiency professional calcium hydroxide production line is a device that helps projects create value. How much is Clirik's calcium hydroxide production equipment? Welcome to visit the manufacturer at any time to learn more about the equipment and product quotation. Contact: 008613917147829
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