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    What are the production requirements of limestone grinding mills?

    Author: admin       Date: 2020-01-02 11:17
    Limestone is an indispensable ore material in production. The main component is calcium carbonate, and it contains harmful substances such as phosphorus, fluorine, carbon dioxide. With the requirements of protecting the environment and saving resources in recent years, the products specified in the original design thought that After comprehensive utilization of the solid waste generated in the production process, limestone can be widely used in cement production after deep processing.
    Long ago, people used limestone to produce retarders and began to replace natural limestone. The traditional application of limestone is to use filtered limestone in rotary dryers and calcined in rotary kiln to add lime. Now it can be used directly The pulverizer is used for pulverization. The pulverizer originally has a dryer to dry it, and then pulverizes it into a powder form, thereby adding it to the production of limestone.
    limestone grinding mill production line
    Limestone grinding mill production process, after drying, directly use a vertical mill to grind into powder, injection, configuration according to a certain ratio, and then from the raw material warehouse through the kiln dust and raw hopper into the raw material and kiln dust Silo, evenly enters the rotary kiln through the kiln tail. After the calcination, the fuel in the calcination process is still pulverized coal ground by a vertical mill, which provides preheating and decomposition of the raw material and provides heat for the burning of the clinker. The fired clinker falls into a cooler and is cooled by a jaw crusher into small pieces. The clinker is then ground into a powder by an ultra-fine grinder. The clinker enters the clinker bin and becomes the raw material for cement One.
    The entire production process requires a milling machine to become one of the cement raw materials. Generally, it can be easily completed by using a milling machine. Because limestone production is generally relatively large, vertical production can be selected for large production. From 200 mesh to 3250 mesh, the granularity of the finished product can be selected according to actual needs.
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