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    Is There Any Difference Between Calcite Grinding Equipment And Limestone Grinding Equipment?

    Author: admin       Date: 2017-03-30 13:36
    Recently, we Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co. Ltd. many customers are consulting such a problem.Today, we mainly focus on this issue to analyze the two materials are processed, the use of the mill there is no difference.

    We choose what kind of equipment, according to the nature of the material itself to decide. First of all, we look at the characteristics of these two materials.

    Calcite: calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, natural calcium carbonate, it is the most common.Therefore, calcite is a distributed mineral widely.The crystal shapes of calcite are various, and their aggregates can be clusters of clusters of crystals, or they may be granular, massive, fibrous, bell-like, soil-like, and the like.Knocking the calcite can get a lot of square pieces. So called calcite.
    Limestone: limestone main component calcium carbonate.Lime and limestone are used extensively for building materials and industrial raw materials.Limestone is directly processed into stone and fired into lime.Lime absorbs moisture or add water to become slaked lime, the main component is Ca (OH) 2.And slaked lime is formulated into lime slurry, lime paste, etc., used as a coating material and brick adhesive.

    According to the two materials’ some special evidence, we have a simple understanding of these two materials.Second, the most important is the hardness, the mill’s biggest characteristic is the material hardness.Limestone density is 2.94g / cm3. Mods hardness is 3.5-4. Calcite hardness is 3, the relative density is 2.6 ~ 2.9.So that the same equipment processing calculus is better, and processing limestone, the machine wears faster.

    We are based on the characteristics of the material, designing out different milling machines for different materials.So that the processing of the corresponding materials, to achieve the maximum yield and efficiency.We can only be serious on the road in the mill has been advancing. Our slogan is to do the mill that we are serious!
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