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    What is the reason cause stone grinding mill vibrate violently?

    Author: admin       Date: 2017-05-24 10:32
    Good stone grinding mill running smoothly and reliable, the whole vibration is small, the noise is also small. If the customer used the stone grinding mill suddenly violent vibration, and it should be encountered is not the normal situation, may cause damage to the stone grinding mill equipment. We maintain and maintain the stone grinding mill should be taken seriously.

    Clirik machinery according to their own years grinding experience in the field,summed up the following reasons:

    1.Material is too hard
    Stone grinding mill has a strict limit on the hardness of the material, more than its work scope will result in lower production, the host vibration, stone powder over the rough scene. So the hardness of the material must be controlled.
    2.The material is too fine
    Material is fine like powder, between roller and grinding ring the direct friction, the middle no material layer.We can adjust the host speed to control the host vibration.
    3.Uneven feeding
    If the stone grinding mill suddenly appears too much or too little material to occur, it will lead to severe vibration of the mill. The feed capacity can be controlled by adjusting the vibratory feeder.
    4.Host anchors bolts are loose
    This phenomenon is more common, mainly because the stone grinding mill vibration will lead to bolts loose during stone grinding mill grinding process which led to increasing vibration.
    5.Roller deformation
    A long run causes the roller to change shape, resulting in intense rolling during the rolling process.
    6.Installation failure
    The stone grinding mill host drive part ‘S center line is not straight in the installation process, so the vibration will occur during the rotation.
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