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    How to maintain the wearing parts of the limestone grinding mill?

    Author: admin       Date: 2017-10-25 10:15
    When we choose the powder grinding mill, pay special attention to the quality of wearing parts is with your industrial requirements in line, limestone grinding mill consumables are mainly blade, magic ring and roller, fan blades, etc..We use the grinding mill in the process, to do these wear parts’ timely replacement work. We need to regularly maintain the powder grinding mill.

    1, roller and grinding ring
    Roller and grinding ring as a limestone grinding mill wearing parts, the general service life of 500 hours or so, so usually must regularly repair the wear and tear of these accessories, the timely repair or replacement, so as not to delay the normal equipment run

    The blade is a wear machine of the grinding mill, the stone crusher and the sand making machine. Shovel of the limestone grinding mill is shoveled to the grinding wheel and the grinding ring from the material.The traditional grinding mill blade blade wear faster, blade as a whole, if the blade worn, the need for the overall replacement,so that a waste of material, so to strengthen the blade’s casting material to improve wear resistance it is very necessary.

    limestone grinding mill

    3,fan blades
    Fans and analyzers have leaves, the blade wear is relatively small,because of long-term work, resulting in poor product specifications, low yield problems,so we should be often need to pay attention to maintenance and processing

    If the powder grinding mill’s parts damage,should be replaced in a timely manner, the better choice is to purchase accessories in the original,if you have any needs, welcome to leave your needs and mailbox, we will contact you as soon as possible, thank you!
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