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    What kind of stone grinding mill is used to process 100 mesh powders?

    Author: admin       Date: 2017-06-21 09:39
    100 mesh is a coarse powder in the powder processing industry, many types of stone grinding mill can be processed,but in order to ensure the production efficiency and quality of processing materials,we recommend you choose Raymond mill,the equipment is very appropriate for medium fineness materials’ processing.

    stone grinding mill

    The structure of this stone grinding mill (Raymond mill) is composed of the main engine, the analysis machine, the pipeline device, the blower and so on.According to user needs can also be configured crusher, elevator, vibrating feeder, electric control cabinet.Raymond Mill processing range between 80-325 meshes, the stone grinding mill processing 100 mesh materials is no problem. 

    Our company is a professional manufacturer of Raymond mill, launched a series of stable performance, cost-effective stone grinding mill equipment, welcomed the new and old customers to our factory site visits, purchase equipment.
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