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    The Application of the slag powder grinded by stone grinding

    Author: admin       Date: 2012-10-30 10:18

    Slag powder is a new type of the inorganic mineral mixing materials with high strength, belongs to the building materials of high-tech products. The raw materails is from blast furnace slag in the metallurgical industry. The Salg powder after grinded by stone grinding mill, which can replace the cement, as to reduce concrete costs, and make full use of blast furnace slag, saving a lot of valuable renewable resources for a country, which is the new green environmentally friendly products.    
    The slag powder can significantly improve the overall performance of concrete and cement products. Durind the cement industry the slag powder is usually blended with cement and commercial concrete. And the mixing model are admixtures form, admixtures form, main-doped forms. When customers select the stone grinding mill, they usually focuse on the quality and capacity of the stone grinding mill. And final production quality level of not only affects the competitiveness of the cement companies, but also directly related to the economic benefits of the cement plant and the lifeblood of business.
    Shanghai Clirik Machinery Company sieve the above two points, devote to the slag powder in the cement industry. after multiple innovation, test and experence, finally manufacture the micro powder grinding mill. Which is the ideal stone grinding mill for process slag.
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