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    Gypsum Ultrafine Grinding Production Line – Solutions of Gypsum Grinding

    Author: admin       Date: 2016-06-21 10:07
    Selection of Gypsum Grinding Mill
    Shanghai Clirik is a professional Gypsum Grinding Mill manufacturer, offering Gypsum Vertical Grinding Mill, Gypsum Ultra-fine Grinding Mill, Large Grinding Mills, and other environmentally friendly energy Gypsum Grinding Mills, is a quality equipment supplier in powder processing enterprises.


    Production of Gypsum
    After calcination, grinding, we can get building gypsum, also known as plaster, stucco. If the calcination temperature of gypsum is 190 ° C can be obtained plaster model, its fineness and whiteness is higher than building plaster. If gypsum is in temperature at 400-500 ° C or higher than 800 ° C calcined, it obtains floor plaster. It is easy to coagulate, hardening slow, but after hardening, it has better strength, abrasion resistance and water resistance compared with ordinary construction gypsum. And gypsum is usually white, colorless, colorless transparent crystal, sometimes due to impurities and ash, it’s light yellow, light brown and other colors.

    Gypsum Grinding Mill

    Main application areas of Gypsum powder:
    1, building materials, construction
    a: anhydrite cement and cementitious materials: mixing the right amount indeed inspire agents can produce anhydrite cement or cementitious materials for soft soil reinforcement, stucco wall, mechanical model, tunnel support and production of fiber pressure plate, etc. .
    b: is used as a co-solvent and cleaning agent in the glass production process.
    c: used as a filler in plastics, rubber, paint, asphalt, linoleum and other industrial production.
    d: piles, deep mixing piles used to increase friction resistance of large expandable material.
    2, Chemical
    a: the production of sulfuric acid, subsidiary production of lightweight cement.
    b: the production of ammonium sulfate, subsidiary production of precipitated calcium carbonate.
    3, agriculture
    a: improved soil, pH adjustment for improved saline, red soil of the land.
    b: used for mushroom cultivation on calcium, sulfur compound mineral fertilizers, adjusting the medium pH.
    c: poultry, livestock feed use as composite mineral feed additives.

    Gypsum grinding mill has features of low energy consumption, low investment, and more income, is the best choice of your investment in the industrial sector!
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