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    How to Reduce the Cost of Dolomite Grinding Mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2016-06-24 14:04
    For producers of dolomite powder, how to reduce cost of Dolomite Grinding Mill is an important issue. And wherein the power investment of Dolomite Grinding Mill every year is a high spending, so how to reduce the power consumption of Dolomite Grinding Machine in the production process, so as to reduce business costs?

    Work time of Dolomite Grinding Mill is very long, and that takes a lot of force to start up it. Inrush current when start it up is large. After a lot of experimentation and research, we use frequency conversion technology to do track sampling of Dolomite Grinding Mill. Finally, we research and develop Saving control cabinet which is special for Grinding Mill. By adjusting the speed of the motor, the cabinet makes the motor output torque and speed achieve the best fit with process requirements of the Dolomite Grinding Mill. It not only improves the efficiency of the Dolomite Grinding Machine, optimizing the production process of it, but also greatly reduces power consumption of Dolomite Grinding Machine.

    Dolomite Grinding Mill

    The model of Dolomite Grinding Machine and the powder consumption of its additional equipments can’t be changed, but we can make operation of the Grinding Machine standardized. In addition, there is regular maintenance and inspection can be done. So if you want to control power consumption of Dolomite Grinding Machine, the most fundamental way is to start from ourselves, standardize operation and do regular maintenance for Dolomite Grinding Mill. Only in this way can we achieve the maximum economic benefit.
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