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    Processing Process of Gypsum Grinding Mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2016-06-13 13:52
    Grinded deeply by Raymond grinding mill and ring medium speed micro-grinding mill, gypsum becomes gypsum powder. Depending on the application, it can be divided into: building materials gypsum powder, chemical gypsum powder, gypsum powder mold, food gypsum powder and casting with plaster powder.

    Gypsum application has a long time, but early simply used for making chalk, putty, to make tofu and do simple crafts, the lack of in-depth research and development and, therefore, did not arouse people's attention. The 70s of last century, and especially since the reform and opening, with the rapid economic development, mass consumption plaster construction, building materials and other industrial demand for increasing of gypsum sharp in China, the gypsum has aroused more and more attention, It has formed a huge new industry.

    Gypsum Grinding Mill

    According to relevant data, after gypsum grinding mill’s deep processing, gypsum powder is a new green plastering materials, not only solves the traditional stucco slurry poor adhesion, easy hollowing cracking, ash fall compared with operation and other issues, but also with fire, thermal insulation, sound absorption, etc., at the same time, because the plaster "breathing" effect, wall plaster also regulate indoor air humidity. At present, the wall plaster in the United States, Germany, Japan, etc., have been widely application.

    In recent years, as China's economic development, improve living conditions and achieve civilized construction demand more urgent, plaster after gypsum grinding mills, such as gypsum Raymond mill, gypsum vertical grinding mill, and other deep-processing grinding mills have been gradually moving toward industrialization, industrialization.
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